Affogato, an impromptu dessert

July 29, 2011


I hadn’t planned on making this post, but then again, I hadn’t planned on having dessert tonight! The hubby has long wanted an espresso maker, and low-n-behold what came via FedEx today… an espresso maker. So while we waited on our ordered-in pizza and drank cocktails and wine, we put together the espresso maker, tinkering with the right amounts of grounds, the right texture, etc.

We decided as an after-dinner treat to have affogato. We tried to order it last night at a local restaurant, but they were out of vanilla ice cream, only having mint or cioccolato, neither of which we were in the mood for. So tonight I brought out the Black Cherry Talenti gelato, the brandied cherries, and the kirsch. And of course, we finally got the perfect-ish pull of espresso.

Courtney’s Black Cherry Affogato
1 scoop black cherry gelato
1/4 ounce kirsch
1 shot espresso
1 brandied cherry

Place the scoop of gelato in a small glass or ramekin. Pour the kirsch and espresso over the ice cream, and garnish with a brandied cherry. Serve immediately.

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