This Southern Girl’s Bacon Sandwich

September 18, 2010

Bacon Sandwich with Limerick Lane Zinfandel

Some people like a BLT. I’ve never been much on lettuce or tomatoes on my sandwich, so I’ve always made a BMT – bacon, mayonnaise, and toast. After years of making this sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I think I’ve hit upon the perfect ingredients for the perfect sandwich.

Not long ago, I stumbled upon Trader Joe’s organic mayonnaise. There’s something about this mayo – it just tastes so much better than the Hellman’s and such that you usually pick up at the grocery store (and we’re talking quick and easy meal here, so no making my mayo from scratch). Slather this on sandwich bread that has been toasted for a little wetness to all the dry. The bacon? Niman Ranch, hands down, is my favorite. It’s thick with a good ratio of fat to meat. Stack it high – 5 or 6 slices on the sandwich.

Since I was having this sandwich for dinner, I decided to pair it with another favorite – Limerick Lane zinfandel. As many zinfandels as I’ve tried, I keep coming back to Limerick Lane because they are so quintessentially zin. Full, a bit of fruit, a bit of spice, and a bit of the boy’s club. The peppery flavors paired really well with the bacon.

So that’s my perfect bacon sandwich. How do you like yours?

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2 Responses to “This Southern Girl’s Bacon Sandwich”

  1. Try bacon and peanut butter. So good! Sweet and salty!

  2. That sounds more Southern than bacon and mayo!!