Saturday Sippers: Sangria

June 7, 2014


Summertime. Hot weather. Sunny days. Blue skies. Relaxing with friends. Fresh, juicy fruits. Sitting by the water. Sipping chilled drinks. And do I have one of the best chilled drinks for you. The classic sangria. You can whip it up by the pitcher or by the cooler, depending on how big your crowd is. Sit out glasses and an ice bucket, as well as a ladle for the fruit, and you’ve got a self-serve cocktail that packs enough of a punch to enjoy, but not so much that your friends will be teeter-tottering into the pool.

The wonderful thing about sangria is there are so many options, and you can make do with whatever you have on hand. Red, white, rosé, sparkling – all make a wonderful sangria. Pick your fruit, pick your juice, pick your liqueur, and pick your soda. Balance it out with a little pre-punchbowl taste test, adding a bit more of this or that to bring a harmony to the flavors – not too sweet, not too fruity, not too alcoholic, but Goldilock’s-approved ‘just right’.

This Goldilock’s has already found her ‘just right’ however for the classic red wine sangria, so she shall share her secrets with you forthwith. (more…)

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Sunday Supper: Summer Vegetable Gnocchi

September 9, 2012

Summer Gnocchi

While I made this meal over a month ago, I’m thinking my final fling with summer might have to be a repeat of the entire thing, beginning to end. Either way, I know the final bits of squash my garden yields would be well-served in this amazing gnocchi recipe that lets each ingredient shine, feeling light but oh-so-decadent at the same time.

The ingredients are simple – gnocchi, butter, squash & zucchini, a bit of corn, garlic, and goat cheese. (more…)

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Fresh from the grill hot dogs! Now with Sriracha pickles!

July 12, 2012

SriraChi Pup

After making my Sriracha pickles, determining I loved them, my next problem was what to do with them. Being a person who hasn’t typically eaten pickles, the only thing I’ve really ever done was peel it off of my Krystal burger and feed it to Milo on road trips. This pickle, however, seemed to need more presence than just slapping it on a hamburger. Then I had the aha! moment. Chicago dogs! They’re usually slathered in a plethora of pickles – relish and spears.

I’ll say this upfront – my leaping off point was the Chicago dog. This is in no way actually a Chicago dog. Nothing bugs me more than someone bastardizing my hometown favorites, which is basically what I’m going to do here. Apologies in advance.

The Chicago dog is said to be “dragged through the garden” it has so many vegetative toppings on it. There seems to be a few variations, but the idea is relish, pickle spears, tomato, sport peppers, mustard, onions, and celery salt top an all-beef hot dog. Since I had spicy pickles, with a sweet and tangy flavor, I decided I to forgo the sport peppers, figuring I had the pucker and spice covered. (more…)


The Summer Kickoff Roundup

May 27, 2012
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Shrimp & Scallion Spiedini

Three-day weekends and sunshine just scream for firing up the grill, getting together with friends, and enjoying all the world has given you. So in that spirit, I thought it would be fun to give you a little inspiration if your plans this weekend involve barbecuing, or grilling out as we call it down South (because barbecue is reserved for almighty smoked pig event!).

Double Cheeseburgers: If you’re looking for the standard fare, there’s nothing much better than the cheeseburger. Juicy beef, melty American cheese, fresh from the garden lettuce – mmm! Here’s my take on the double cheeseburger, with a great, mild seasoning for the meat.

Lamb sliders: If you’re looking for an amazing twist on the humble cheeseburger, look no further. This recipe starts with fresh ground lamb, adds some heat and Mediterranean spices, and gets topped with feta, haloumi, and cucumbers for a refreshing crunch!

Grilled Chicken Wings: I’m going to go ahead and say you should get at least 3 pounds of chicken wings per person, because these guys are amazing. There will be nothing left on the bones and your guests will be begging for more (or at least for the recipe).

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Tropical flavors, crisp wine, sunny afternoon

May 17, 2012

Upon receiving my bounty of salmon last week, I knew just what I wanted to make with it. Earlier in the week I had picked up a copy of Saveur magazine on a whim. It promised delightful Corsican foods and bread recipes that I could make. Buried deep inside the issue, though, was a gem of an article on Senegal feasts, with recipes ranging from fritters and stews to magnificent salads. Upon seeing these salads I headed right back out to the store, picking up the ingredients and making them that evening. (more…)

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