Roasting peppers – It’s easy!

September 17, 2010

Peppers on the grill

For quite some time I had heard of the method to roast peppers, but I didn’t think it could be nearly as easy as it sounds. Char it over a flame (or under a broiler) on all sides, remove and place into a ziploc bag for about 10 minutes, then you’ll magically be able to peel it with no problems.

Guess what? It really is that easy! Once I tried it, it was an epiphany for me. No more expensive jars of roasted peppers when I could do it myself. I’m partial to throwing it on my gas grill instead of using the oven. Sometimes this leads to me forgetting I have something going on the grill, though; last week it stayed on there for about an hour (now that was charred). Not so easy to peel at that point. Moral of the story – don’t forget about your pepper!

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2 Responses to “Roasting peppers – It’s easy!”

  1. I love roasting peppers on the grill. I just put them on, roll ’em around for about 16 mins total until they’re charred then put them back in a dish, cover them w/ Press N Seal, and let them sit. Peel, slice. I have a little “sauce” I put on them to serve (warm or cool) which is olive oil, crushed garlic, touch of sea salt, a bit of balsamic vinegar, tad of lemon juice. Delicious!

  2. Oooh – that sounds like a lovely appetizer or a good topping for some grilled meat. I’ve done the balsamic with grilled tomatoes and onions before, but not with peppers.