Weekday Breakfast for the Weekend

October 30, 2010

Egg Cups with Pesto

Once upon a time I ran across this idea on YumSugar to bake an egg in a ramekin lined with ham. It looked delicious, sounded yummy, and seemed so easy. So this week when I decided I wanted something hearty for breakfast, but really didn’t have the time, I quickly pulled out a few things from the freezer and refrigerator to make a similar breakfast.

A while back I had bought a pound of proscuitto because it was all the store had, so I’ve been keeping it in the freezer (which is really handy — it’s sliced so thin, it defrosts in a minute). I had some pesto from the grilled cheese paninos I made earlier in the week, so I decided a dollop of that would give me some flavor and some veggies in my breakfast (hey – basil and parsley are leaves!!). And of course, there was the egg. (more…)


Eggs: They’re what’s for breakfast

October 23, 2010

Chili-laced Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are something that have grown on me over the years. I’ve went from not eating them to loving just about every type of egg you can serve up, so long as they’re a bit wet (unless it’s tamago, in which case, dry is fine).

One of my favorite ways to prepare eggs is with Thai chilis. The heat of the eggs, the sweet, savory flavor of good onions, washed down with a bit of tropical juice (mango or guava being my favorites) sets the tone for a great day. And they really don’t take all that long to make. Chop the onions to get everything going, and pull out the rest of the ingredients while they saute, and you’ve added on 5 minutes at the most to your standard, plain scrambled egg. (more…)