Quick & easy grilled side: Grilled greens

May 29, 2013
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Grilled Greens

It’s something a little unexpected. Something that isn’t too heavy. It’s certainly not boring. Grilled greens are a great accompaniment to your summer cookout fare, and it couldn’t be easier to do. The secret?

The secret is to make sure your greens have been dried thoroughly after you’ve washed them. First, choose some sturdy greens, such as a halved head of romaine, a bunch of kale tied together with kitchen twine, or in this case, a gorgeous head of bok choy. Lightly coat the greens with a bit of oil – the type is up to you. In keeping with the Asian theme for my lunch, I did a little sesame oil on these, but you could easily do olive oil, flavored or plain, walnut oil… well, you get the idea. Season with a little salt and pepper, and place it on the grill. Watch closely, it doesn’t take too long for the leaves to get a yummy crispness to them that you’re going to love. Get the greens just shy of wilting, pull them off, and enjoy with your meal.

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