Fresh from the grill hot dogs! Now with Sriracha pickles!

July 12, 2012

SriraChi Pup

After making my Sriracha pickles, determining I loved them, my next problem was what to do with them. Being a person who hasn’t typically eaten pickles, the only thing I’ve really ever done was peel it off of my Krystal burger and feed it to Milo on road trips. This pickle, however, seemed to need more presence than just slapping it on a hamburger. Then I had the aha! moment. Chicago dogs! They’re usually slathered in a plethora of pickles – relish and spears.

I’ll say this upfront – my leaping off point was the Chicago dog. This is in no way actually a Chicago dog. Nothing bugs me more than someone bastardizing my hometown favorites, which is basically what I’m going to do here. Apologies in advance.

The Chicago dog is said to be “dragged through the garden” it has so many vegetative toppings on it. There seems to be a few variations, but the idea is relish, pickle spears, tomato, sport peppers, mustard, onions, and celery salt top an all-beef hot dog. Since I had spicy pickles, with a sweet and tangy flavor, I decided I to forgo the sport peppers, figuring I had the pucker and spice covered. (more…)