Courtney’s Vegetarian Chili

September 22, 2010

Vegetarian Chili

If you want a chili that’s full of chili flavor, then look no further. With some chipotle, chili powders, dried chili soaked in water, and green chili, your taste buds are sure to be dancing with flavor.

This recipe combines some of my favorite ingredients to make a good chili. A bit of beer, water that has been flavored with dried chili, and cocoa powder. Trust me on the last one — it gives good color and a tad bit of bitter flavor.

This dish is quick on prep time, because you only have an onion and garlic to chop before getting the cooking started. The chilis can be chopped while cooking, and after everything is combined (which happens within 10 minutes), you just let it simmer with the occasional stir until ready. Have I convinced you that you need the recipe? (more…)

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