On recipes: French 75

July 27, 2011

French 75

Recipes, or deviations from, must be the theme this week. Earlier this week I posted about a pimento cheese that started off from a friend’s recipe, but rapidly developed into its own. Now there’s this French 75, which I first saw in The Art of Bar, never made, finally got around to making, and decided I liked it a different way better.

Wait, what? Yes, that was a bit confusing. Let’s start from the beginning. When the hubby and I got married, we registered for this cocktail book, and some lovely family friends bought it for us. Whilst flipping through it, I came across a recipe for a French 75, which I’d never heard of before. It called for brandied cherries, which needed to be made separately, so I never got around to making it. (more…)

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