Iced Mint Tea

May 31, 2012

Iced Mint Tea

Even though I believe it might be sacrilege in the South, I never was a fan of sweet tea. My mom and dad loved it, and as a child, I would drink it, but I preferred to put so much lemon juice in it that it tasted like tea-flavored lemonade (or, I guess I just loved Arnold Palmers from a young age!). It wasn’t until adulthood set in that I even started drinking tea again. And when I did, it was the discovery of hot tea, unadulterated, that lured me back. When it got the least bit lukewarm, I would throw it away.

That is, until I traveled to Sharjah. While there, I had one of the most refreshing drinks I’d ever tasted on a 100 degree day – iced mint tea, served in a tiny, Moroccan glass no less. (more…)

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Spaaaaaaahhhh Day

September 26, 2010

Green water

One of my favorite weekend or weeknight activities is to plop down in front of the TV, find a classic movie on Netflix, and give myself a pedicure. Most of the time I do this with a bottle of rose or bubbly, but today I was feeling… healthy (must’ve been that whole wheat zucchini bread I made, never mind the 4 cups of sugar in it). So I decided to make a batch of flavored water.

This is great not only for spa days, but also for afternoon get-togethers when you need to beat the heat. (more…)

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