Affogato, an impromptu dessert

July 29, 2011


I hadn’t planned on making this post, but then again, I hadn’t planned on having dessert tonight! The hubby has long wanted an espresso maker, and low-n-behold what came via FedEx today… an espresso maker. So while we waited on our ordered-in pizza and drank cocktails and wine, we put together the espresso maker, tinkering with the right amounts of grounds, the right texture, etc.

We decided as an after-dinner treat to have affogato. We tried to order it last night at a local restaurant, but they were out of vanilla ice cream, only having mint or cioccolato, neither of which we were in the mood for. So tonight I brought out the Black Cherry Talenti gelato, the brandied cherries, and the kirsch. And of course, we finally got the perfect-ish pull of espresso. (more…)


A quick and easy dessert

March 29, 2011

Chocolate-dipped Cookies

A while back, I had some friends over, and I didn’t have the time to concoct any elaborate dessert (or even an easy dessert that takes time, like cupcakes). So while I was at the store, I picked up a bag of sugar cookies and figured those would be just fine set out in a little bowl. Sweet snack done!

Of course, the day of the friends coming to visit, I felt bad that I was just going to throw out some sugar cookies from a bag, no matter how nice of a bowl I sat them in. I remembered I had some chocolate chips left over from some failed magic cookie bars, and an idea struck! I could dip the sugar cookies into melted chocolate, and it would seem a bit more special! (more…)


Strawberries with Zabaione

March 4, 2011

Strawberries with Zabaione

Between last week’s champagne bar and this week’s warm weather, I’m starting to develop a craving for strawberries. Last year I planted around 4 plants, which yielded my husband and I around 2 miniature strawberries every couple of weeks. While the sweet taste is worth it, I’m going to need a bit more than that to make one of my favorite desserts, Strawberries with Zabaione. This dessert isn’t too sweet, and the zabaione and balsamic complement the strawberries flavor without overwhelming it. It’s the perfect way to enjoy flavorful strawberries from the farmer’s market or your backyard when they start appearing. (more…)


Putting together a cheese course

December 6, 2010

Antipasta platter

Tonight for dinner, instead of ending with a sweet note, I decided to put together a cheese plate of local cheeses to round out our meal. At the cheese counter, I picked up a favorite, the Humboldt Fog from Cypress Grove. As I was perusing the other selections, I noticed a new offering from Cypress Grove – Truffle Tremor. I added that to my basket, and randomly selected a Cowgirl Creamery to round out my offerings (because I always like an odd number of cheeses). The Cowgirl was Red Hawk, and man, was it stinky! Very tasty, but so stinky you almost needed to hold your nose around this cheese. (more…)


Happy Diwali!

November 4, 2010

Kaju Barfi and Carrot Halwa

Today is Diwali, or the festival of lights, which is celebrated in India among many other countries. I’ve been on board with this holiday since my husband (then boyfriend) told me about it. The Indian New Year — it means you get to buy new clothes!

Really, though, can you imagine a guy getting all that excited about clothes? Over the years, as he told me a little more about the holiday (because previously I just heard “new clothes” and didn’t care too much about the actual meaning) he would always talk about the sweets his mom would make, and he’d get that happy look on his face, twinkle in his eye. Ahhh! This is what it’s all about for him — sweet treats! (more…)