Travels: Moroccan Meatballs

February 6, 2013

Meatball Tagine with Egg

I just got back from visiting the lands of one of my favorite cuisines, Morocco. I love the wealth of spices nearly every Moroccan dish contains, so of course I fell in love with my Food of Morocco cookbook long ago. I was very excited to find that the foods I ate there proved the recipes I had cooked over the years true to the cuisine. Of course, it was a bit better there (an understatement!), with the super-fresh spices abounding from shop after shop after shop.

Moroccan meatballs are something I had cooked previous to owning my cookbook, however, and have long been a favorite of mine. I’ve tried the addition of egg on occasion, and it makes for an über-rich and decadent dinner. This was hands down my favorite meal the entire time we were in Morocco. (more…)

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Sunday Suppers: London style

January 28, 2013

Sunday Beef Roast

This edition of Sunday Suppers comes a bit late, and it’s a bit different from the previous wine & amazzzzing food pairings I usually do. There’s still amazing food, but it’s more about the different lifestyle I’m experiencing here in London.

The grocery shopping scene has been more of a shock than I thought it would be. Gone are my behemoth grocery stores that I take the car to, pushing the cart back out and filling up the trunk with whatever my heart desired. In its place are small groceries, for the most part stocked with the bare bones basics, and I get to lug the groceries back to my flat, walking or catching the train if I’ve gone very far. I’m slowly understanding why the concept of online ordering and grocery delivery exists, but I haven’t quite given in and tried it yet. You see, grocery shopping is one of my favorite activities. Wandering about, figuring out what looks good, what’s freshest, what new products are in store – that’s my happy time.

However, grocery shopping woes aside, one of the bright sides of this city living is having a plethora of restaurants at my doorstep, including the public houses. And one thing these public houses have in common? The concept of a Sunday roast. (more…)

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Morning Laughter

March 12, 2011

Maple Syrup

The past few weekends it’s been nice out, so the hubby and I have walked to Cafe San Jose to enjoy a bit of sunshine and a spot of breakfast. Almost every morning, one of us gets something that calls for maple syrup, which always brings on a bout of laughter.

Why the laughter? (more…)

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