Travels: Moroccan Meatballs

February 6, 2013

Meatball Tagine with Egg

I just got back from visiting the lands of one of my favorite cuisines, Morocco. I love the wealth of spices nearly every Moroccan dish contains, so of course I fell in love with my Food of Morocco cookbook long ago. I was very excited to find that the foods I ate there proved the recipes I had cooked over the years true to the cuisine. Of course, it was a bit better there (an understatement!), with the super-fresh spices abounding from shop after shop after shop.

Moroccan meatballs are something I had cooked previous to owning my cookbook, however, and have long been a favorite of mine. I’ve tried the addition of egg on occasion, and it makes for an ├╝ber-rich and decadent dinner. This was hands down my favorite meal the entire time we were in Morocco. (more…)


Pardon the pause

October 8, 2010

Dad's BBQ Sandwich

But I’ve been in the land of barbecue, eating a pulled pork sandwich a day. Vinegar-based barbecue sauce, sweet sauce, vinegared slaw. Yep, that would be Northeast Tennessee.

Beyond the usual, I also tried the German place I’ve been wanting to try for a while, Freiberg’s. It was delicious, and I’m sure to go back and have the Boulette Andreas next time I’m home. And another newbie, we tried Mona Lisa’s Gelato before I caught the bird that brought me back home. Of course there was the usual – country ham and Greg’s meatball sandwich. No Krystal this time, but I am sure I gained enough weight while there.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll share another Southern favorite that I had while there, Mom’s stickies. Stay tuned for a return to regular programming!